Discover Angeline, our talented interior architect

Discover Angeline, our talented interior architect

She has been working for Oriz since more than 3 years and manages the space design department.

After more than 3 years in the company, Angeline is the most appropriate person to talk to you about space planning as she currently manages this department at Oriz.

Convinced that well-being at work is essential (for the physical and mental health of everyone), she is happy to have her card to play in this matter.

"The mood and state of mind of the worker is greatly influenced by the environment in which he or she finds himself or herself. Bringing clients a variety of ideas and solutions to bring out the company's DNA while making the workers' day-to-day lives more enjoyable and therefore more productive.

Her vision of Oriz

For Angeline, Oriz is booming and the complete 360° projects (integration of the 3 poles in the same project: inclusion of the IT and office automation departments in a new design project) are her first source of motivation.

"Oriz is primarily focused on people, which is so important in the increasingly digital office world."

Her style

She is a fan of contemporary design with clean, minimalist lines. For her "It's so nice to be able to infuse her style into different projects by adapting it to the various demands of the client"!

Her passion

She has been passionate about dance since childhood: the grace, aestheticism and relationship with space that we find in her two passions are no doubt not by chance...

Discover Angeline, our talented interior architect