About us

We are that subtle link between creativity and functionality


We spend an average of 8 hours a day (or much more for many entrepreneurs and business owners) in the office or at home. Wouldn't it be nice to feel like you're developing in a space where creativity and functionality are linked?

Where every management solution is designed to strive for efficiency, productivity and creative execution of its leader's vision?

Designing your office automation solutionDesigning your office automation solution

3 words that define us: Human Office Solutions

Our work begins with the people, not the technology.

We believe in the New Horizon of the office world. Oriz takes account of your needs and your plans to bring you the essential details for your success. 

We are convinced that management tools need to serve people and cover the most advanced needs of the working world by being developed to include your identity. Our mission is therefore to bring your office design project into line with the realities of your field while simplifying the technical aspects.

3 words that define us: Human Office Solutions

Balance is our cornerstone

We have an innovative eye for developments in technology. We keep abreast of the latest technology and trends, and we focus on optimising your projects with the aim of bringing you success and good performance.

At Oriz, we offer companies the means to realise their ambitions, to develop and to sustain them, all in an environment that encourages the development and creativity of managers and employees.

Proximity is the watchword

The rumour was wrong. The pandemic we have experienced has not made us solitary. On the contrary. To support you in implementing your projects in good times and harder times, we bring to you our ability to listen, our skills and experience and our office installation tools all working with your brand.

All in a spirit of quality support

Yes. No. Maybe.

We're glad to offer our advice, our focused care, our contrast and our perfectly targeted solutions! Our motto is to support you at every stage of your professional development.

As your co-pilot, we're there to guide you to your destination. We're constantly looking for an optimal user experience, to minimise the unexpected. Destination Oriz, take-off!

It didn't make sense to us anymore...

Offering individual services, ad hoc advice and individual tools.

We dreamed of something bigger, something more impactful, something to match your potential.

That's why we've turned to a multi-faceted Horizon where we've combined our four strengths to bring you the best at all times.

We are committed to offering you the best. We guide you towards digitalisation and secure IT solutions for your company. We design both your workspaces and co-working spaces. Overall, the design of the security system for your IT equipment and the provision of the most effective software, are tailored to your skills. You're in good hands with us.

It didn't make sense to us anymore...

In other words, our work together goes beyond designing your space

We aim to integrate different solutions for the installation of a high-performance, welcoming workspace, representative of your brand image and integrating all the management tools adapted to your services.

Oriz? Funny name for a company

Not really. Our role is to be at your side every step of the way in the pursuit of your horizon. This includes the overall design of your professional and personal office space.

We see this space as a 'blank page' on which we can use our imagination to translate your messages and enhance your impact.

The story is written by both of us together to reflect your unique approach and our multifunctional way of working.

Oriz? Funny name for a company

In summary, a complete service for small, medium and large companies

Oriz considers small, medium and large companies as workplaces, but above all as meeting places in keeping with its creator's vision. We offer all our expertise to guide you, step by step, towards sharing your messages.

Our aim is to combine creativity and IT solutions, the physical and digital world. We devote our energy to imagining and creating a global concept with you, where each point is studied, analysed and optimised.

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Think of us as an alliance where performance, fluidity, image and corporate culture meet

Everything is designed so that each team member can feel comfortable in their workspace and use the right technology for their mission, with complete peace of mind.

Support me

To this end, we will be your eyes and ears

Our job is to reveal your vision to the world by guaranteeing you a space that works for your everyday activity, customer focus and accessibility so that you can entrust us with your greatest dreams.

With Oriz, everything becomes possible, to transform a space into a management or control room, or an elegant restful area. This is the art and style of combining materials, sections and colours.