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The metamorphosis of the SNCA

When the Société Nationale de Circulation Automobile (national certification authority - SNCA) decided to renew the furnishings in its new three-story building, it enlisted our services to carry out this ambitious project.

The brief was clear: to create an environment that was functional, durable, and elegant, with furniture in muted tones and custom-made partitions for the examination cubicles.

Chic, functional furniture for the SNCA

The SNCA was looking for furniture that would combine elegance with functionality, adapting to the specific needs of its new public centre. Additionally, the project required the customized partitioning of examination cubicles, demanding exceptional attention to detail and innovative design.

The metamorphosis of the SNCA

Innovative solutions, combining style and practicality

We met this demand by blending standard furniture with bespoke elements crafted by our carpentry partner WOODPRO. This approach resulted in a perfect harmony of functionality and aesthetics, fully aligning with the client's expectations.

To complete this project, we addressed a number of challenges:

  • Special care was taken in the design of the examination cubicles, with a focus on integrating lighting, ventilation, and acoustic systems to ensure a result that is both efficient and innovative.
  • The selection of seating from RIM and BEJOT for the waiting areas, alongside adjustable office chairs from EMMEGI, played a key role in providing users with maximum comfort while preserving a refined and elegant aesthetic.
Innovative solutions, combining style and practicality

A public space transformed into a stylish setting

This project has redefined the public centre into an area that is both elegant and understated, ideally accommodating a high volume of visitors.

Our meticulous attention to detail and practical design approach have produced pleasant, cohesive furnishings that satisfy the demands of a contemporary public building. The project's success has prompted the SNCA to engage us for additional future projects.

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A public space transformed into a stylish setting