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Creating an office in a cosy attic

Transforming an attic into a cozy, child-friendly office space presents a unique challenge, one that we have successfully embraced.

Our client envisioned an office that doubles as a library, storage, and relaxation area, creating the perfect backdrop for reading and organizing family life.

A multifunctional office in an attic

This project aimed to convert an attic into an inviting workspace, integrating a library, storage, and areas for relaxation. The task also involved tailoring this space to be child-friendly and welcoming.

Creating an office in a cosy attic

A harmony of acoustic elements and modern furniture

Addressing the client's requirements, we focused on enhancing the attic's acoustics, transforming an initially echoey space without sound insulation into one of comfort.

The strategic placement of acoustic panels and lighting from BUZZISPACE significantly improved the sound quality. The furniture selection, notably a desk-cupboard-bookcase unit from FREZZA, was chosen for its sleek, modern design, which seamlessly complements the attic's cozy ambiance.

A warm, family-friendly space

The result is a welcoming, kid-friendly office space where the entire family can unwind, read, and work in harmony. This project has effectively transformed an underutilized attic into a multifaceted family area that fulfils the client's vision.

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A harmony of acoustic elements and modern furniture