Optimisation of your workspace

Workspace design

Workspace design - Services

Whatever space you have available for your business offices, we can meet your needs.

From the layout of a personal office to a larger space, we think of the space down to the smallest detail.

When we work together, our Space-planners will be on hand to help you create a dynamic and productive atmosphere in your workplace. After studying your request, they will create a 3D representation for you to visualise your future space.

Adapting office space

Every inch is optimised to create your professional and personal space in your own style.

In addition to being functional and pleasant to live and work in, the premises we design for our clients can be customised as required. 

Our interior architects implement the chosen solution and select the furniture with you to accompany your development. We respect your taste and budget and respond in the shortest possible time.

Our process allows you to take it one step at a time and visualise your future professional or personal space. Our layouts are designed to ensure compliance with ergonomic standards.

Adapting office space - Services

An office to match your image

At Oriz, we don't see a desk as a piece of furniture, but as your right hand.

Tailor-made and adapted to your every move, each space and each piece of furniture is designed to suit your daily tasks, saving you precious time and taking care of you and your employees.

The layout of your workspace also involves prioritising your rooms according to their use. For example, a meeting room will be set back from the common areas to ensure confidentiality during your client meetings.

And if you work before sunrise, you can be sure that our lighting and lighting design solutions will provide the right amount of light.

We know that you spend many hours sitting, that's why your furniture will not only match your style, but also your working conditions.

An office to match your image

Let yourself be tempted by our latest achievements

We have carried out numerous office layout projects throughout Belgium and Europe, adapted to the requirements and needs of each of our clients.

We love a challenge and look forward to opening up a range of possibilities for you.

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Let yourself be tempted by our latest achievements