Transformation of the canteen

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Transformation of the Magetralux canteen

Transforming a traditional workspace into a dynamic and engaging place is our specialty, as showcased in our recent fit-out project for our client, Magetralux, in Luxembourg.
Transformation of the Magetralux canteen

Magetralux's requirements: more than just a canteen

Magetralux sought to rejuvenate its office canteen and relaxation area.

The goal was to create an environment where employees could unwind and connect, alongside a modernized meeting room. The area needed to be functional, appealing, and enjoyable, fostering a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

Magetralux's requirements: more than just a canteen

Our creative response

We rose to the challenge by designing a minimalist canteen area accentuated with vibrant colours.

PERFECTA chairs and high stools, arranged around both high and low tables from BEJOT, introduce dynamism and visual appeal. The dining space, outfitted by MY CUISINE, provides the perfect setting for lunch breaks and casual conversations.

The distinction between the dining and relaxation areas was ingeniously achieved with wooden slats, custom-crafted by our carpentry partner WOODPRO. This approach ensures optimal light levels while clearly defining the separate zones. The relaxation area boasts a playful design, featuring NARBUTAS armchairs and pouffes, table football, and darts, promoting leisure and interaction among colleagues.

The meeting room underwent a transformation as well, incorporating interconnected tables from WAVEINSIDE to facilitate more interactive and productive discussions.

Our creative response - Projects

A result that exceeds expectations

The project was an outstanding success, leaving the client extremely satisfied.

The lively colours and relaxed ambiance not only rejuvenated the space but also contributed to enhancing employee wellbeing. This project stands as a prime example of Oriz's capability to turn a traditional setting into an innovative and captivating work environment.

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