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Creative refurbishment of the offices

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Creative refurbishment of the Solar Screen offices

Office renovation doesn’t necessarily mean a complete overhaul of furniture and fittings.

Our innovative project for Solar Screen, a company specializing in high-quality adhesive coatings, serves as a prime example of how reutilization and modernization can revolutionize an existing workspace.

Renewal without replacement

Solar Screen aimed to refurbish its offices without discarding the existing furniture. The renovation focused on enhancing comfort, increasing the number of workstations, improving acoustics, and integrating waste management solutions. Moreover, it was crucial for the renovation to mirror the company’s identity, prominently featuring their flagship product, Cover Styl’.

Creative refurbishment of the Solar Screen offices

The Oriz solution: innovation and customisation

We embraced this challenge with enthusiasm, optimizing the current workspace layout. The open-plan areas were reconfigured to introduce buffer zones and casual spaces for interaction and relaxation. The incorporation of plant life and acoustic panels has elevated both the aesthetic appeal and the acoustic quality of the environment.

Furniture selection was approached with care, featuring meeting tables by FREZZA and visitor seating by BEJOT, alongside custom elements like latticework, hanging grids, and a coffee corner.

The standout feature of this project is the application of Cover Styl’. This product was used to revamp various office elements, giving the desks a new appearance that resonates with Solar Screen’s motto: “Why replace when you can upgrade?”

The Oriz solution: innovation and customisation

A result beyond expectations

The outcome is a vibrant and dynamic work environment that captures the essence of Solar Screen.

This project not only enhanced employee well-being but also showcased our adaptability and creativity in leveraging innovative products like Cover Styl’.

This endeavour eloquently demonstrates our capacity to transform workspaces to reflect our clients’ needs and identities, while championing sustainability and reuse.

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A result beyond expectations