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Refurbishment of the Hubert-Errens & fils insurance offices

The perfect balance between functionality and style! In the dynamic world of office design, combining functionality and aesthetics is a major challenge.

At Oriz, we took the task on with passion and efficiency for the Hubert Errens & Fils insurance offices.

The challenge: combining the office space with the reception area

Hubert Errens & Fils tasked us with the renovation of approximately 200 m². Their brief was multifaceted: to forge a welcoming space for clients and a functional workspace for staff and management, including a reception & waiting area, an engaging open space, executive offices, and a print station.

Refurbishment of the Hubert-Errens & fils insurance offices

Our solution: Innovative design and modern furniture

Our approach married aesthetics with practicality.

The selection of FREZZA’s modern furniture, characterized by clean lines, was perfectly paired with ergonomic and comfortable seating from DAUPHIN and MARTE, ensuring both employees and visitors experience optimal comfort.

A standout feature of this project was the strategic use of BUZZISPACE acoustic panels. These panels not only mitigate the ambient noise common in open-plan offices but, by echoing the company's colours, also enhance the office's visual identity.

The acoustic wall panels from BUZZISPACE introduce dynamic, vibrant elements that enliven the workspace.

Our solution: Innovative design and modern furniture

A result that surpasses expectations

The project stands out for having created a space with a pleasant, modern atmosphere, while staying within a reasonable budget. We were able to meet the challenges posed by the constraints of the space and the specific needs of the client.

The result is a stimulating and functional working environment that has been a great success with both employees and management at Hubert Errens & Fils. This project is a perfect illustration of our know-how and expertise in the design and layout of spaces, confirming our position as experts in this field in French-speaking Belgium and Luxembourg.

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A result that surpasses expectations