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Innovative and functional office design for Faymonville

As specialists in furnishing offices and workspaces, we recently carried out an ambitious project for Faymonville (F.E.L.), a well-known manufacturer of specialist trailers and semi-trailers.

Faymonville asked Oriz to design five floors of office space, representing around 4,500 m². The project included a reception area, offices for 250 employees, a stairwell, a canteen for 250 people, meeting rooms, management offices and a showroom that could be converted into a training and reception room.  

In addition, we have equipped level -1 with 10 hotel rooms, a dining room and a state-of-the-art fitness room for overnight visitors. 

Innovative and functional office design for Faymonville

Our solution incorporates state-of-the-art design and technology

In terms of design, we opted for a harmonious and functional layout, relying on renowned brands to guarantee quality and comfort: Frezza for the offices, Waveinside for the audiovisual equipment in the meeting rooms and showroom, Incatro for the acoustics in the offices, meeting rooms, canteen and showroom, Quadrifoglio for the meeting room and visitor chairs, Sedus for the office chairs, Zucco for the executive chairs and Fornasarig for the cafeteria chairs. 

Particular attention was also paid to acoustics and lighting, particularly in the showroom, which is equipped with a giant LED screen and a high-quality sound bar, transforming the space into a workshop room or reception area as required. 

Our solution incorporates state-of-the-art design and technology

Modularity and industrial charm

The project is built around three main pillars: 

  • Modularity: the layout of the premises is homogeneous when it comes to the stairwell and lifts, reflecting Faymonville's production techniques with a common base and customisation options. 
  • Industrial charm: a design that blends industrial and contemporary elements for a modern, aesthetic look. 
  • Quality and comfort: ergonomic and efficient workspaces for the well-being and productivity of employees. 

This project is a perfect illustration of our expertise in design and layout, responding precisely to the complex needs of our customers. 

Multimedia Meeting Rooms 

The meeting rooms are equipped with cutting-edge technology and designed to be easy to use, with optimised acoustics and pleasant lighting, facilitating conversation and collaborative working. 

Modularity and industrial charm

Challenges met

The project presented a number of challenges, which we met and passed with flying colours: 

  • Combining styles: successfully blending an industrial look with contemporary elements. 
  • Speed of implementation: Achieving a finished result within tight deadlines. 
  • Designing the showroom: Equipping a space with high ceilings that can be used as a showroom, workshop room and reception area. 
  • Standards and space planning: Complying with Luxembourg standards while optimising space. 
Challenges met - Projects

The result: an ideal working environment

The project carried out for Faymonville is a complete success, offering a functional, aesthetic and ergonomic working environment. Employees now enjoy modern, comfortable spaces, while the modular showroom perfectly reflects Faymonville's expertise.  

We have demonstrated our expertise in designing professional spaces, offering tailor-made solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. 


We would like to thank NK Interior Design for their creativity and original ideas, as well as Scaht for monitoring the site and meeting the required deadlines. 

The result: an ideal working environment