Nureva HDL300 audio system

We present our Nureva HDL300 audio system, ideal for your large meeting rooms

Discover our powerful Nureva HDL300 complete audio system, ideal for your meeting rooms up to 60m²!

With the Nureva HDL300, no more microphone problems.

Thanks to Mist TM technology, the system is composed of 8192 virtual microphones, so it offers you complete coverage of the room, wherever you are.

Now that you can be heard, it's important to hear the person you're talking to. You'll enjoy immersive sound thanks to the two 20W speakers and continuous auto-calibration for optimal audio performance, regardless of the room's layout.

Certified by Microsoft Teams, it is compatible with all cameras. Quick 30-minute installation and USB plug-and-play connectivity make it easy to use from any device.

Installation height: between 2 and 3 m

Colors: Black or white

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Nureva HDL300 audio system
Nureva HDL300 audio system