Nigel, Account Manager Digital & IT

Meet Nigel, Account Manager Digital & IT and new member of the Oriz family since May 2022.

He is very proud to be part of the Oriz family and shares its values: humanity, innovation and ambition. Nigel is a valuable asset to us, both professionally and humanly.

A family that he cherishes very much, Nigel was looking for a family business, where team spirit reigns, and that's exactly what he found at Oriz: a big family, always ready to answer any question he has, everyone helps each other!

His vision of Oriz

For him, Oriz is growing and gaining more and more customers and partners all over the region of Eupen and its surroundings!

"Oriz inspires me because it makes real what customers dream of, it brings their desires to life! "

Nigel: a selfless and professional personality

Nigel loves to interact with people and his job gives him the opportunity to meet a lot of different people and companies. He likes to sympathize with them in order to find the best solution for them. Honest and very interested in his collaborators, he sees his work as a way to link his natural altruism with usefulness!

"My goal is that every client is satisfied with both my work and proposals, and the service behind it! "

Nigel is an integral part of the Oriz family and represents its values very well. Thank you Nigel for your work, Oriz is proud to have you as part of its family.

Nigel, Account Manager Digital & IT